About Adrian Snead

Adrian Snead is the founder and main contributor to Smarter Home Guide. Originating from Chincoteague Island, VA, Adrian’s technological journey started as a child in the early ’90s, troubleshooting VCRs and cable boxes for family members.

Having attended a special program in school, Adrian was taught to use a computer in 1st Grade at a time when most adults had never used a personal computer.  By the completion of elementary school, he was using the internet when many people had never heard of it, and even less knew what it was.  

Twenty years later, everyone had a computer in their pocket, teenagers hadn’t even heard of a VCR and children were using the internet before they could use complete sentences.  In 2014, the unveiling of Alexa and Amazon’s Echo Smart Speaker sparked Adrian’s fascination with smart home technology.  This fueled an interest that has since grown into a passion.

Today, Adrian is adept with a plethora of smart home devices across various platforms. From Alexa-compatible devices like Ring Doorbells and Blink Cams to Google Home and Nest products, Apple HomePod, and even less popular voice assistants like Bixby, his experience has become quite extensive.

Despite his vast technical knowledge and impressive array of gadgets, Adrian understands that not everyone shares his level of comfort with technology. His mission is to simplify and demystify smart home technology, making it accessible and straightforward for everyone, regardless of technical experience.

For this reason, he generally focuses on products and implementations that the average person can easily take on board.  In many cases, for instance, he’ll try to cover devices that wouldn’t necessarily require an external smart hub but rather a device that will communicate directly with your smart speaker.

Every article you find here reflects Adrian’s painstakingly detailed approach. His hands-on experience with a wide range of products and platforms, coupled with intensive research, enables him to address the most common questions and issues that users encounter. His ultimate goal is to provide readers with reliable, up-to-date information, empowering them to enjoy the benefits of smart home living without any apprehension.

Whether you’re a seasoned tech enthusiast or a curious beginner, Adrian’s insights will guide you on an exciting journey through the ever-evolving world of smart home technology.

Adrian Snead