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We’re setting up smart lights in our living rooms, smart locks on the doors, and the Echo Show is giving us recipes in the kitchen, so why wouldn’t we have an Alexa-enabled baby monitor?

There are a lot of novelty items when it comes to smart home products, but smart video baby monitors have become much more of a vital tool. There are many paths to creating an Alexa-enabled baby monitor and we’re going to show you the best options.

To set up an Alexa baby monitor you could use a wireless 2-way camera combined with an Alexa Show, use 2 Alexa Shows or purchase one of the smart device-compatible baby monitors we’ll discuss below.

Keep in mind that there are pros and cons to each of these methods. We’re going to break down these options and help you make the best choice for your little one.

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Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Wall Mount & Travel Case – Protective Hard Shell Carrying Case & Flex Multi-Stand – Travel Baby Monitor Accessory

The Nanit Plus is easily one of the top video baby monitors on the market.  Not only can you view and hear your baby, but it also works to analyze their sleep patterns using machine learning technology.  They’ve also gone on to add Alexa skills, so you can ask Alexa how your baby slept, what time they woke up, or even how many times you took them out of the crib last night. 

The Nanit features two-way audio, sleep tracking, HD live streaming from virtually anywhere, night vision, motion tracking, and even temperature and humidity sensors.

An optional accessory is Nanit’s “Breathing Wear”, which is bedtime clothing with a special pattern that allows Nanit to track your baby’s breathing patterns.  

As far as Alexa goes, ask her to enable the Nanit skill, link the account and you’re ready to roll.  You can view your baby’s crib with both your Alexa Show or Alexa Spot. Here are some of your other Nanit skill features:

  • Ask Alexa how your baby’s sleep was
  • Ask what time your baby fell asleep
  • Ask her what time your baby woke up
  • Ask how long your baby slept
  • Ask Alexa to turn the lights on in your baby’s room

Of course, you can view your baby on other devices including smartphones, iPad, Android tablets and even your Kindle Fire.  There just simply isn’t much this Alexa-enabled baby monitor is lacking.

This is currently the best option on the market and I don’t think too many people would argue otherwise. The other monitors in this article don’t have as many Alexa commands as the Nanit Pro has.

Cubo AI Plus Smart Baby Monitor

Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor and 3-Stand Set | HD Night Vision Camera with A.I. Baby Safety Alerts, Sleep Analytics and Two-Way Audio | iOS, Android and Smart Home Compatible
View on Amazon

The Cubo AI Plus is another feature-packed video baby monitor.  It tracks a ton of sleep activity parameters and alerts you immediately if anything troubling is occurring with your baby.

Some of the Cubo’s features include HD night vision, cry, face and rollover detection and danger zone alerts – just to name a few. It’s also equipped with AI sleep-tracking technology that monitors eye-opening, crying, movement, caregiver visits and whether or not your baby was present for a given time.

The packaging comes with several mounting options including a crib attachment, floor base and even a mobile stand which is great for switching rooms or travel. It’s also expandable with the ability to add multiple baby monitor cameras.

The Cubo comes with a free year of Cubo AI Care Premium which gives you 30 days of storage for any images and video clips, nighttime sleep reports, lullabies and a few other storage features. You can also insert an SD card to save up to 256 GB of data.

And, of course, it’s an Alexa-compatible baby monitor! Just call out to your Echo Show and say:

“Alexa, show me Skylar’s Room!”

Lollipop Video Baby Monitor

Lollipop Baby Monitor (Turquoise) - with Contactless Breathing Monitoring (No Extra Sensor Required, Subscription Service), Sleep Tracking and True Crying Detection, Smart AI WiFi Baby Camera

One of the most popular Alexa baby monitors on the market is the Lollipop Camera. Deriving its name from its cute yet innovative design, the Lollipop is an extremely practical video baby monitor with a lot to love.

As with any quality monitor, this one starts with a 1080p HD resolution and quality night vision. It also features 2-way audio, lullabies and soothing sleep sounds for added comfort.

The Lollipop also has many smart features such as breath tracking, sleep position data and sleep time tracking. It offers a crib barrier alert and is able to detect and differentiate crying from other noises in the room to send you immediate alerts.

The Lollipop’s design isn’t just a gimmick, though. The long flexible tail-piece allows you to adjust and mount the camera just about anywhere. This makes it perfect for portability.

One of the other benefits the Lollipop baby monitor is that the app allows you to hear the audio feed even when you’re using another app or when your phone is in sleep mode. Surprisingly, not all smart baby monitors come with this feature.

And, of course, we can’t forget Alexa! Once enabling the Lollipop skill in your Alexa app, you’ll be able to view and hear your baby directly from the Echo Show device. They also have several other commands.

For instance, you can tell Alexa to ask Lollipop to report recent tracking events, play music or sleep sounds for your baby or even change some basic settings.

ARENTI Video Baby Monitor

ARENTI Video Baby Monitor, Audio Monitor with 2K Ultra HD WiFi Camera,5" Color Display,Night Vision,Lullabies,Cry Detection,Motion Detection,Temp & Humidity Sensor,Two Way Talk,App Control(White)
  • *2K HD camera with a 5” LCD screen for clear real-time video and audio monitoring of your baby
  • *cry and sound detection, motion, danger zone, temp and humidity
  • *pan/tilt/zoom
  • Two-Way Talk for comforting and soothing your baby even when you’re busy
  • lullabies
  • night light
  • Color Night Light for illuminating the dark nursery
  • *comes with it’s own parent unit
  • feeding reminders

Okay, ladies.  Let’s get this out of the way right now.  This video baby monitor is freaking adorable. I get it! The Arenti Video Baby Monitor is the only monitor on the market that comes factory equipped with bunny ears.  All joking aside, this product has some serious features!

My favorite feature with this monitor is that it actually comes it’s own parent unit, even though it’s a smart baby monitor and can be used with your phone. I would prefer all monitors to at least have this option as an add-on.

With its 2K HD camera, the Arenti is paired with a 5″ LCD screen, allowing for a direct feed and real-time monitoring. The camera can pan 355°, tilt 60° and features a 4x zoom.

Arenti’s app also notifies you immediately if your baby begins to cry. Other smart skills include motion detection, danger zone alerts, feeding reminders and temperature/humidity readings. And, of course, you have two-way talk at your fingertips and lullabies to hush your baby straight to sleep.

Pair this baby (pun intended) with an Echo Show and you’ve got an Alexa-ready baby monitor that will knock your socks off.

“Alexa, show me the nursery!”

invidyo WiFi Baby Monitor

invidyo WiFi Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio: Sleep Tracking, Cry Alerts, Cough Detection | Wireless Pan & Tilt, Smart Phone App, 1080P Full HD Video, Night Vision, Two Way Talk, Temperature Sensor
  • tracks a baby’s sleep, cry, and smile, cough detection
  • A.I. technology to detect patterns in a baby’s behavior and provide daily summaries.
  • temperature sensor, and a lullabies and white noise feature.
  • Invidyo offers two-way communication, remote pan and tilt function and a private photo album.
  • The footage is securely sent and stored with bank-level security from the camera to the servers and back to your device.
  • always on background audio
  • face recognition
  • no earables
  • smile moments automatically captured in digital album and

If you’re looking for an affordable Alexa baby monitor, then you might decide to go with the invidyo. This is the most budget-friendly, yet smart, video baby monitor on our list.

Even though, with its attractive price tag, the invidyo WiFi Baby Monitor still offers great video quality, sleep tracking, event notifications and Alexa integration. And, in all fairness, its Alexa features are actually pretty extensive.

invidio offers the standard 1080p HD camera, night vision, pan and tilt, 2-way audio, lullabies and sleep noises. You’re also able to engage always-on audio when your phone screen is locked, that way you won’t miss a beat with your child.

The baby monitor’s built-in AI technology detects patterns in your baby’s behavior, tracks that information, sends you appropriate alerts and provides daily summaries of that data. These metrics and triggers include sleep time, cry detection, cough detection, and alerts for any abnormal noise level based on your settings.

The invidyo also automatically captures “smile moments” in a digital album and creates a daily highlights video for you to save of your little one. Cloud storage is available as an option, but I have to say, it is a little pricey. Not the most expensive, but possibly too expensive for what they have to offer.

Alexa features include the ability to view the camera on your Echo Show device, ask the temperature of the room, and control the power function of the camera. All-in-all I’d say invidyo offers a pretty good deal.

Use Echo Show As A Video Baby Monitor

Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) | HD smart display with motion and Alexa | Glacier White

There are a couple of different options you have to use Alexa’s Echo Show itself as a baby monitor without using an actual baby monitor in conjunction.  Let’s look at them one at a time.

  1. Echo Show to Echo Show option – Here you’ll need to purchase 2 Show devices (which isn’t exactly the most cost-effective way).  Here you’ll need to utilize the Drop-In Feature which will kind of make it a video intercom. The only justification for using this more expensive option would be if you want to use Alexa’s other features in your nursery.  For instance, you can have Alexa read your child bedtime stories, play lullabies, relaxing bedtime sounds or even gradually dim the lights. Positioning the Echo Show over the crib is kind of tough and will be a bit of an obstacle. I would say this isn’t the most convenient of options both for price and logistics.
  2. You can place an Echo Show in your baby’s room and use the Alexa app on your phone to view from virtually anywhere. This is cheaper than option 1, but you still run into the problem of trying to position the Echo Show in the bedroom.
  3. Use a smart camera with a built-in mic in the nursery, while viewing or listening to it on your Echo Show or phone app.  This option gets my vote for the most logical and feasible when not incorporating an actual baby monitor. The recommended camera for this is actually in our next section.

Alexa, drop in on Jordan’s room.

Ring Cam As Baby Monitor

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery HD security camera with custom privacy controls, Simple setup, Works with Alexa - White

If you don’t want any of the extra sensors or built-in lullaby features, then using a simple wireless ring cam with 2-way audio will do the trick.  The Ring Stick Up Cam has everything you need for basic audio/video including 1080p HD resolution, real-time motion notifications, 2-way talk and a rechargeable battery. 

The Stick Up Cam can be placed on a shelf, window sill, or mounted on a wall or ceiling.  There are also aftermarket mounts that make them a little more friendly to mounting to a crib.  

DVR storage for all your baby footage is available for just $3/month but isn’t required.  You can view your live feed from just about any smartphone, tablet, PC or yes, your Echo Show.  All Ring products are very Alexa compatible. Just as with other Alexa-supported products, you’ll enable the Ring skill and then link your Ring account with Alexa.  

“Alexa, talk to the baby’s room!”

WiFi Baby Monitor App 

Now, this can be the most affordable option if you have an extra smartphone lying around to turn into a baby monitor.  Even if it isn’t connected to a wireless provider, you can utilize it on the baby’s end with a WiFi Baby Monitor App.  

When it comes to WiFi apps, I recommend the Annie Baby Monitor App. To use the Annie app, you’ll need one mobile device for the baby’s room and your own personal mobile device.

  1. Download the Annie Baby Monitor app from your App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) using both your sending and receiving mobile devices (search “Annie baby monitor” or click the corresponding link in this step).  
  2. Open the app. It will walk you through the basics of using the baby monitor.
  3. Allow permissions when prompted. The Annie app will need to access your camera, images, and audio.
  4. Pair your 2 devices by creating a QR code on your personal “parent” phone and scanning it on the “child” device.
  5. Register an account with Annie using your email address and a unique password.
  6. When ready, you can begin a monitoring session by selecting the corresponding button on each device.

Once connected, the app on your Parent Device will show everything that happens on the child unit device.  If there’s a noise in the room, the app can alert you if you have the notification on. You can also click the mic button in the top right-hand corner to talk to your baby.  

This isn’t Alexa compatible, but I think this could be really helpful if you don’t have the money to shell out right now for a new baby monitor.


Alexa-compatible baby monitors are really handy for parents who have already started creating a smart household or those who just happen to have an Echo Show.

Being able to cook dinner and simultaneously ask Alexa to check the nursery is priceless while you’re trying to juggle day-to-day responsibilities.

Hopefully, you’ve found this helpful in making an educated purchase decision for you and your baby.

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