Alexa Baby Monitor

Alexa Baby Monitor – 8 Easy Ways To Monitor Your Munchkin

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We’re setting up smart lights in our living rooms, smart locks on the doors, and the Echo Show is giving us recipes in the kitchen, so why wouldn’t we have an Alexa enabled baby monitor?

There are a lot of novelty items when it comes to smart home products, but smart video baby monitors have become much more of a vital tool. There are many paths creating an Alexa enabled baby monitor and we’re going to show you the best options.

To set up an Alexa baby monitor you could use a wireless 2-way camera combined with an Alexa Show, use 2 Alexa Shows or purchase one of the smart device compatible baby monitors we’ll discuss below.

Table Of Contents:

  1. Use Alexa enabled Smart Baby Monitors:
    1. Nanit Plus
    2. Hubble Hugo
    3. Netgear’s Arlo
    4. Project Nursery
  2. Smart Video Baby Monitors That Aren’t Alexa Compatible:
    1. ibaby
  3. Baby Monitor Hacks That Will Work With Alexa:
    1. Echo Show As A Video Baby Monitor
    2. Ring Cam As A Baby Monitor
  4. Baby Monitor Hacks That Don’t Work With Alexa
    1. WiFi Baby Monitor App
  5. Conclusion

Nanit Smart Baby Monitor

Nanit Plus - Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount: Camera with HD Video & Audio - Sleep Tracking - Night Vision - Temperature & Humidity Sensors and Two-Way Audio

(Click here to see Nanit’s current price on Amazon)  

The Nanit Plus is easily one of the top video baby monitors on the market.  Not only can you view and hear your baby, but it also works to analyze their sleep patterns using machine learning technology.  They’ve also gone on to add Alexa skills, so you can ask Alexa how your baby slept, what time they woke up, or even how many times you took them out of the crib last night. 

The Nanit features two-way audio, sleep tracking, HD live streaming from virtually anywhere, night vision, motion tracking, and even temperature and humidity sensors.

An optional accessory is Nanit’s “Breathing Wear”, which is bedtime clothing with a special pattern that allows Nanit to track your baby’s breathing patterns.  

As far as Alexa goes, ask her to enable the Nanit skill, link the account and you’re ready to roll.  You can view your baby’s crib with both your Alexa Show or Alexa Spot. Here are some of your other Nanit skill features:

  • Ask Alexa how your baby’s sleep was
  • Ask what time your baby fell asleep
  • Ask her what time your baby woke up
  • Ask how long your baby slept
  • Ask Alexa to turn the lights on in your baby’s room

Of course, you can view your baby on other devices including smartphones, iPad, Android tablets and even your Kindle Fire.  There just simply isn’t much this Alexa enabled baby monitor is lacking.    

Hubble Hugo Alexa Baby Monitor

(Here are the current prices of the Hugo Alexa Baby Monitor on Amazon)

The Hugo Baby Monitor actually has Alexa built-in as one of its many top-notch features.  Some of these include a 360-degree field of vision, live streaming 1080p HD video, 2-way audio, motion detection, remote monitoring and infrared night vision.   

Another notable feature creates an alert on your phone every time there is a significant fuss or cry coming from the crib which will give you immediate video/audio communication with your child.  There is also a robotic, closing eyelid feature to ensure privacy when you need it. 

With Alexa built into the device itself, you can utilize her to access age-appropriate stories, games and music as well to keep your little munchkin entertained.  The Hugo also has facial tracking technology it can use to take photos and videos at just the right moment for you to access later.  

Finally, you can enable the “Hugo Live Video” skill so you can view your baby on your Echo Video Devices such as the Echo Show, Echo Spot or FireTV device. 

Netgear Arlo Baby Monitor

Arlo Baby Monitor | Smart Wi-Fi Baby Camera with Table/Wall Stand | 1080P HD with 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, Air Sensors, Lullaby Player, Night Light, Compatible with Alexa, HomeKit | ABK1000, White

(Check out the Netgear Arlo Baby Monitor on Amazon by clicking here.)

Okay, ladies.  Let’s get this out of the way right now.  This video baby monitor is freaking adorable.   Netgear’s Arlo is the only monitor on the market that comes factory equipped with bunny ears.  All joking aside, this product has some serious features.  

Some of these include live streaming 1080p HD video, 2-way wireless audio communication, advanced night vision, 7 days of cloud storage, night light, rechargeable battery and it’s compatible with not only Alexa but Google Assistant, Apple Home Kit and IFTTT.

While the Arlo baby monitor doesn’t have Alexa built-in, it has its own “Smart Lullaby Player” that also plays nature sounds and white noise.  You can even record and add your own voice.  

You can use your Alexa Show to view your video feed as well.  Just ask Alexa to enable the Arlo skill and link your accounts.  

You can simply say:

Alexa, show me the baby’s room

Arlo’s Alexa compatible baby monitor produces a live video stream that’s also viewable your Android tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Fire device or any web browser.  

Project Nursery

Project Nursery 5" High Definition Baby Monitor System with 1.5

The project nursery smart baby monitor sits a little lower on the totem pole than the other models. Nevertheless, it’s boasted as one of the more Alexa compatible monitors.  

It features remote viewing on your iOS, Android, Echo Show, Echo Spot and Fire TV.  You can ask Alexa to move the camera, capture photos, record videos and play lullabies.  Sensors include motion/sound detection and temperature readings. 

Like a lot of other models, it’s loaded with night vision, two-way talk, remote pan/tilt/zoom control.  On the surface, this is a really good option.

Now for the bad. Nearly every model has really bad user feedback for one reason or another.  The older models received bad reviews for the sound and audio quality. The newer “improved” models had really bad software problems whether it’s issues with the app itself, connectivity problems or issues communicating with Alexa.  While the hardware itself is generally better than the older ones, a lot of the newer ones are still being returned as defective.  

This isn’t our top pick, but it’s definitely an option.

ibaby Monitor

(Click here to view the current pricing for iBaby on Amazon)

I don’t think it would be fair to you guys to include an extensive article on smart baby monitors and not include the iBaby.  It, however, is not Alexa compatible to the best of my knowledge unless something has changed between now and the time you read this.  

The iBaby M7 Baby Monitor is well regarded in this industry.  It features 1080p Video resolution, dual-band router support, cloud storage, scheduled alerts (feeding, diaper changes, etc), an Early Childhood Education Content store with tons of music, lullabies, bedtime stories and white noise settings, and even a moonlight projection feature.

The iBaby also has sound detection, air quality sensors, temp & humidity sensors and even a smell sensor.  Yes, it can even smell if it’s time for a diaper change!  

Now, if you’re looking to have a smart house that is all synched up through your Alexa then this is not the monitor for you.  Some of the monitors listed above have most of these capabilities while still working with Alexa.  

Use Echo Show As A Video Baby Monitor

Alexa Echo Show Baby Monitor

There are a couple of different options you have to use Alexa’s Echo Show itself as a baby monitor without using an actual baby monitor in conjunction.  Let’s look at them one at a time.

  1. Echo Show to Echo Show option – Here you’ll need to purchase 2 Show devices (which isn’t exactly the most cost-effective way).  Here you’ll need to utilize the Drop-In Feature which will kind of make it a video intercom. The only justification for using this more expensive option would be if you want to use Alexa’s other features in your nursery.  For instance, you can have Alexa read your child bedtime stories, play lullabies, relaxing bedtime sounds or even gradually dim the lights. Positioning the Echo Show over the crib is kind of tough and will be a bit of an obstacle. I would say this isn’t the most convenient of options both for price and logistics.
  2. You can place an Echo Show in your baby’s room and use the Alexa app on your phone to view from virtually anywhere. This is cheaper than option 1, but you still run into the problem of trying to position the Echo Show in the bedroom.
  3. Use a smart camera with a built-in mic in the nursery, while viewing or listening to it on your Echo Show or phone app.  This option gets my vote for the most logical and feasible when not incorporating an actual baby monitor. We’re going to go over this in a little more detail.

Ring Cam As Baby Monitor

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery HD security camera with custom privacy controls, Simple setup, Works with Alexa - Black

If you don’t want any of the extra sensors or built-in lullaby features, then using a simple wireless ring cam with 2-way audio will do the trick.  The Ring Stick Up Cam has everything you need for basic audio/video including 1080p HD resolution, real-time motion notifications, 2-way talk and a rechargeable battery. 

The Stick Up Cam can be placed on a shelf, window sill, or mounted on a wall or ceiling.  There are also aftermarket mounts that make them a little more friendly to mounting to a crib.  

DVR storage for all your baby footage is available for just $3/month but isn’t required.  You can view your live feed from just about any smartphone, tablet, PC or yes, your Echo Show.  All Ring products are very Alexa compatible. Just as with other Alexa supported products, you’ll enable the Ring skill and then link your Ring account with Alexa.  

(Here is the current Amazon pricing for the Ring Stick Up Cam)

WiFi Baby Monitor App 

Now, this can be the most affordable option if you have an extra smartphone lying around to turn into a baby monitor.  Even if it isn’t connected to a wireless provider, you can utilize it on the baby’s end with a WiFi Baby Monitor App.  

To set up your WiFi Baby Monitor App (you’ll need one mobile device for the baby’s room and your personal mobile device): 

  1. Go to your App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) using both your sending and receiving mobile devices.  
  2. Type “babycam” in the search box.
  3. Download and install the babycam app on both devices (The developer should be Goodbaby). 
  4. Open the app on both devices.  On the device you’re placing in your baby’s room select “Baby Station”.  On your personal device select “Parent Device”.
  5. Allow any permission requests that appear on the screen.
  6. Create an account on your “Parent Device”. 
  7. Enter the numbers displayed on your “Baby Station” device into your “Parent Device”.
  8. Click “Confirm” on your “Baby Station” device.
  9. Select “Allow” notifications on your “Parent Device”.

Once connected, the app on your Parent Devices will show everything that happens on the Baby Station’s camera.  If there’s a noise in the room, the app can alert you if you have the notification on. You can also click the mic button in the top right-hand corner to talk to your baby.  

This isn’t Alexa compatible, but I think this could be really helpful if you don’t have the money to shell out right now for a new baby monitor.


Alexa compatible baby monitors are really handy for parents who have already started creating a smart household or those who just happen to have an Echo Show.

Being able to cook dinner and simultaneously ask Alexa to check the nursery is priceless while you’re trying to juggle day-to-day responsibilities.

Hopefully, you’ve found this helpful in making an educated purchase decision for your video baby monitor.

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