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Did you know that you don’t need an Apple TV device to watch Apple TV+? You can actually watch Apple’s streaming service on many types of devices. In this article, we’ll be covering how to watch Apple TV on Firestick.

Apple TV+ is one of the leading subscription-based streaming services, alongside names like Netflix and Hulu. It sets itself apart in many ways though. One of those being that they primarily focus on original content.

In this article, we’ll be covering how you can use Apple TV on a Firestick, the costs, the benefits, and the capabilities of Apple TV+. First thing’s first though…

Can you watch Apple TV on a Firestick?

Apple TV+ is available on all current models of Firestick and other Fire TV devices. Apple does not restrict their streaming service to Apple TV hardware, but there are some older model Fire devices that don’t support Apple TV +.

Below, we’ll discuss the specific models which are currently supported.

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Why Can’t I Find Apple TV App On My Fire Stick?

While Apple TV + is available on most Fire TV devices, the Apple TV app does not come preinstalled. So, it may be that you just need to navigate to your Fire TV’s Appstore to manually install Apple TV. Alternately, you can select “Find” and search “Apple TV”

If you’re not able to locate the Apple TV app in the Appstore, it is likely that your Fire Stick model is incompatible. Please refer to the list below for compatible models. Let’s take illustrate a quick step-by-step tutorial to downloading and installing Apple TV on Fire TV.

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How To Get Apple TV+ On Your Amazon Fire TV Stick

1. From your Fire TV Home screen select Find.

2. Under Find, click Search. A keyboard will appear.

3. Type “Apple TV”. You should quickly see it pop up under your keyboard.

4. Use the arrow key to scroll down and then select Apple TV in your results area.

5. Choose the Apples app icon in the the results. It should be the first option.

6. Select Download.

7. Choose Open.

If you already have an Apple TV + account, you will need to log in. Otherwise, you can follow the on-screen prompts in order to create an account.

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What Fire Sticks Are Compatible With Apple TV

Apple TV+ can be found in the following Fire Stick devices:

Fire TV DevicesYear
Fire TV Stick 4K Max2021
Fire TV Stick Gen 32020
Fire TV Stick Lite2020
Fire TV Stick 4K2018
Fire TV Stick – Basic Edition2017
Fire TV Stick – Gen 22016

Other Fire TV Devices Compatible With Apple TV +:

Fire TV DeviceYear
Fire TV Cube – Gen 22019
Fire TV Cube – Gen 12018
Fire TV – Gen 32017

Fire TV devices that are incompatible with Apple TV include Fire TV Gen 1, Fire TV Gen 2 and Fire TV Stick Gen 1.

How Much Is Apple TV

The Apple TV app is free to download, but a subscription is required to use their streaming service. There are a few subscription options, though. They include:

  1. Start a free 7-day trial – after the trial, it will renew as a monthly subscription at $4.99/month.
  2. If you buy an Apple device, Apple TV+ is included free for 3 months (automatically renews at $4.99/month after the trial period ends)
  3. The Apple Music Student Plan comes with free access to Apple TV for a limited time
  4. Apple TV+ is included with Apple One, which is a bundled monthly subscription plan that combines up to five other Apple plans. Apple One plans start at $14.95/ month.

These prices and options are current as of the publishing of this article and are always subject to change. You can check out Apple’s newest deals here.

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What other devices can I watch Apple TV+ on?

Apple TV+ is available to use on a broad variety of devices, which means it’s very likely you already own a compatible product. Some of those options include:

  • Of course, other Apple devices (Macs, iPhones, iPads, iTVs running the latest OS)
  • LG, Samsung, and Sony TVs
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • Roku
  • Google TV

Also, learn how to watch Apple TV on Android here!

Can You AirPlay to Firestick

Using an Apple TV streaming device will allow you to use the AirPlay feature, but you can’t technically AirPlay to Firestick. There are workarounds though.

AirPlay is a proprietary feature that’s only available for Apple devices and a handful of Apple-certified third-party devices. Because of that, it cannot be used directly with the Fire Stick. However, third-party apps can be installed and used as the middleman (so to speak) to use Airplay on your Firestick.

Some of these third-party apps are free to use or require payment, so always proceed with caution and look at the reviews. Something to note is that using one of these apps to mirror your phone isn’t quite the same as AirPlay. The picture quality, for instance, may not be the same.

All of that being said, here are some app recommendations (free to use and install, offers in-app purchases) :

  • TV Cast for Fire TV Stick
  • ApowerMirror
  • Screen Mirroring – TV Cast
  • iWebTV
CODA is a popular movie exclusive to Apple TV. It won 3 Academy Awards including best picture in 2022.

What Can I Watch On Apple TV+ with Amazon Fire Stick?

We’ve mentioned that Apple TV+ stands out from other streaming apps because it’s centered around new, original TV shows and movies rather than the myriad of third-party content. Not that the other streaming services don’t offer originals (of course we know they do), but in Apple’s case it’s their primary focus.

As an example, here are some standout shows and movies that may catch your attention:

  • The Problem with Jon Stewart (ex-Daily Show host)
  • Central Park (co-created by Loren Bouchard, creator of Bob’s Burgers)
  • The Shrink Next Door (starring Paul Rudd, and Will Ferrell)
  • Snoopy in Space: The Search for Life
  • Finch, Greyhound (starring Tom Hanks)
  • The Morning Show (with Jennifer Aniston & Reese Witherspoon)
  • CODA (winner of 3 Oscars -starring Emilia Jones, Marlee Matlin, Eugenio Derbez)

You can also pay for popular channels as an additional option. Some of those include:

  • A&E Crime Central
  • AMC+
  • BBC Select
  • BET+
  • Cinemax
  • Epix
  • Hallmark Movies Now
  • History Vault
  • Lifetime Movie Club
  • MTV Hits
  • Paramount +
  • PBS Living
  • ScreenPix
  • Showtime
  • Sundance Now


As a subscriber, you can easily watch Apple TV on your Firestick as long as your hardware is reasonably up to date. Hopefully, this article has thoroughly explained how to do that and any other questions you might have.

If you’re not sure yet about Apple TV, you can always do a test run to see if you like it. Apple TV+ has a 7-day trial, which should be plenty of time to get a feel for it.

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