How To Hide Your Ethernet Cable

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Chances are, you may have an Ethernet connection or two in your home. Utilizing an Ethernet cable with some of your devices can increase internet speed and reliability. But the cords can be a real eyesore.

In this article, we’re going to give you 6 easy, yet effective, ways to hide your Ethernet cable (or any other cable for that matter).

Wall Mounted Cable Channel Concealers

The PQPB Cable Concealer

(Found here on Amazon)

PQPB Cable Concealers are only 0.4″ wide, which is the perfect size for concealing an Ethernet cable. Their small diameter makes them hardly noticeable.

This kit comes with 9 cable management channels (backed by a 90-day warranty) and is installed in about 3 minutes. Made of high-quality PVC, these are easy to cut and fix. Instead of screws that damage your walls, they come with a self-adhesive foam tape that sticks to the surface of your wall. 

All you have to do is cut them to the appropriate length with a lite use hack saw or coping saw. After cutting your desired length, you can mount the base by removing the adhesive strip’s liner and pressing it against the wall. After this, you simply place your Ethernet Cable inside the channel and snap the cover shut.

The PQPB Cable concealer kit is sold in white, but you can quickly paint the channels with some latex-based paint before installation.

Baseboard Ethernet Cable Concealers

The D-line Quarter Round Cable Raceway

(Found Here On Amazon)

D-Line Quarter Round Cable Raceway, Self-Adhesive Baseboard Molding Alternative, White, 6 x 6.5ft Lengths Per Pack For Hiding Ethernet Cables

Next on the list is a cable concealer that’s basically disguised as baseboard molding. The D-line Quarter Round Cable Raceway sits inconspicuously in the corner between the wall and flooor.

Just like the wall-mounted cable concealers, these also have an adhesive strip that makes installation virtually instantaneous. They come in white or “oak” colored, but most people purchase the white and paint over them. You’ll not need to worry about corners, ends or segues with this kit, because there is a variety of clip-over and smooth-fit accessories. This is perfect for running an Ethernet cable from one end of your house to the other.

Corner Duct Raceways

(Found Here On Amazon)

Cable Concealer Cord Cover, 125.6-inch On-Wall Raceway Kit, Paintable Corner Duct Cable Management Channel for Floor Baseboard, Ceiling, Wall Corner - 8 X L 15.7"

There are a number of scenarios which would require you to run your ethernet cable up a corner wall or along where the wall meets your ceiling. For this you’ll want to purchase a corner duct raceway.

Corner duct raceways, as the name entails, are designed to fit seamlessly along the corner of the room. The Corner Duct Cable Management comes with 8 15″ channel pieces totaling about 10 1/2 feet. They’re easily installed using the attached adhesive and paintable as well. I will say that these are a little brittle and I with that 2 of the sides were equipped with adhesive instead of just one. It holds strong though.

Floor-Placed Cord Covers

(Found Here On Amazon)

UT Wire 3-Channel Cord Protector & Concealer for Floor Concealment Of Ethernet And Networking Cords- 5 FT - Black

If your ethernet cord is going to need to run across the floor, it’s important to cover them with sturdy protective material to avoid anyone tripping over loose wires, or unplugging them by mistake. Floor cord covers are very useful if you’re trying to cover a large room, or if you want to connect devices across the hall.

Floor based cord covers are usually designed with a smooth transition so that they are minimally intrusive to your walk-way. They can be cut to size and are mostly made from rubber, so they’re really flexible.

The UT 3-Channel Cord Protector is a trip-free solution that keeps cords safe and your walking space hazard-free. The 3- channel capacity offers space for storing and organizing individual cords. While the main channel could accommodate three ethernet cables by itself, the side channels could each fit one as well.

These are properly designed with ramps on each side to give it a more rounded feel. The ends create a smooth finish, ensuring your toes don’t get caught up in it. Installation is a breeze and it comes in a variety of colors including beige, brown, black, grey, and tan.

Cable Management Kits

Cable management kits offer an array of fantastic options to declutter your entertainment area, nightstand or workspace. Not only does it keep your components more organized, but it also saves a lot of hassle when it comes time to change anything around.

Finally, a bird’s nest full of power cables can be a fire safety concern. Here are some additional ideas to help not only with your Ethernet cables, but all the wires your heart desires (👈 did you see what I did there?).

The 124-piece Cord Management Organizer From Topbooc

(Found Here On Amazon)

The 124-piece Cord Management Organizer comes fully stocked with everything you could need to manage your ethernet cables or other cords at home. Complete with cable sleeves, cable ties, self-lock wire ties, cable clips and self-adhesive cable ties rolls, this kit is built from superior materials and is easily installed.

The 4 cable management sleeves are about 19 1/2″ each and can be attached to each other lengthwise. The cable clips are also great for guiding your Ethernet cord along the backside of furniture and components.

The Cable Management Box From Cable Garden

(Found Here On Amazon)

The Cable Management Box from Cable Garden is really an entire kit in itself and remains my kit of choice. This set includes 3 different sized boxes and can be used to put your chargers, power strips, extra cables, HDMI cables, adaptors, etc. – all in one place. It ensures your accessories remain dust-free and protected.

Along with the boxes, it comes equipped with a variety of cable clips and cable ties. These accessories are made of pretty durable material, and it also offers some color options and style along the way. I use the cable clips on the back of my nightstand as well chargers.


Neatly concealed ethernet cables are a must if you’re going to hardwire some of your devices. Fortunately, you don’t have to run them through your wall to do so.

It’s not only easy, but extremely affordable to do away with any birds nest of wiring you need to really. For the simplest cable management, cable raceways are often your best bet. They are easy to install and you can paint them any color your want.

If you find this helpful, check out our article on hiding speaker wire here.

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