How To Watch TV On Echo Show

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The Echo Show is an excellent smart display and smart home companion. Not only is it a great tool though, but it’s also a small entertainment powerhouse. Yeah, that’s right – you can even watch TV on Amazon’s Echo Show.

Alexa has come a long way from her original conception, as has her hardware sibling – the Amazon Echo. Topping the list, with the most impressive of models, stands the Echo Show line. This is where Amazon combined its groundbreaking smart speaker with an LCD touchscreen, multiplying the possibilities by infinity.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at Alexa’s compatible streaming services. So, if you’re looking to binge your favorite TV shows, watch a movie, or even stream Live TV on your Echo Show, this article should cover all your bases.

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Can Alexa Play TV Shows?

Yes, with the Echo Show, Alexa can play videos, movies and TV shows using many of the same streaming services you might use on your smart TV.

You can view the available streaming services by manually swiping left and then selecting Video. You can also simply say “Alexa, open Video Home”.

With the Video Home Screen open, you can manually review and select your preferred service. Some services may need to be enabled if it’s your first time using the skill with your Echo Show, but it takes less than a minute to complete.

Editor’s Note: Enabling a Skill with Alexa is much the same as downloading an app on your smartphone. For more on Alexa Skills and what they do, check out this article also…

Alexa, open Video Home!

Just Say

The current streaming apps natively available as Alexa Skills on the Echo Show include:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Tubi
  • Food Network Kitchen
  • Red Bull TV
Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) | HD smart display with motion and Alexa | Charcoal

To use one of these streaming services, you will need to be signed in to your account. If you don’t have an account, you’ll have to create one. But once you’re signed in to your preferred streaming service(s), jumping back into your favorite TV show binge is as simple as saying…

“Alexa, play Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix”.

If a TV show is available on more than one of your streaming services, Alexa will ask you which service you want to use.

Don’t see the streaming option you’re looking for? That’s Ok. Keep reading for some more out-of-the-box options…

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Can You Watch Live TV on Amazon Echo Show?

You can watch live TV on Amazon’s Echo Show using certain streaming services. The most popular option would be using a Hulu + Live TV subscription.

If a particular streaming service you’re subscribed to isn’t available on the Echo Show, there is a workaround. You can access other streaming services by using the Amazon Silk web browser provided with the Echo Show.

Just head over to your preferred streaming service’s web page and sign in. Opening the browser is as simple as saying:

Alexa, open Silk!

There will always be 3rd party developers creating useful skills for things like this though. The Stream Player skill is a third-party service with many live TV options. Here are the live TV options available through Stream Player on your Echo Show:

10 NBC,82Hawaii News Now,141TBD,19
3Sat,44I24 News,200TWiT – This Week in Tech,95
9 News,140Israel C20,201Tyler Texas News,59
ABC 10 San Diego,181Israel13,153Voice of America,75
ABC 13 Toledo,183IsraelMusic,154WAND,183
ABC 15 Arizona,179JBS,202WAPA TV,111
ABC 6 Providence,101Jewelry TV,53Wave 3 NBC,57
ABC News,1Juce TV,49WBAL,185
ABC10 Action News,88Kake 10 News,69WBIR Knoxville,115
ABC13 KTRK,131KAN Israel,78WBNG,186
ABC6 Philadelphia,93KARE 11,134WBNS,175
ABC7 Chicago,144KATU,119WCCO,173
ABC7 KPLC,58KATV,161WCNC Breaking,90
ABC7 L.A. Eye Witness News,98KBZK,147WCNC,89
ABC7 L.A.,99KCBD Lubbock,60WCVB 5 Boston,77
ABC7 New York,178KCTV5,193WCYB,191
Adult Swim,30KFOR,164WDAF,85
Al Jazeera Arabic,40KFSN,198WDBJ7,109
AMG TV,20KGUN9,149WDHD 7 Boston,76
ARD,41KHOU 11,133WDJT,120
AZ Family,50King5 Seattle,114WDR,42
BBC Arabia,33KITV,205WDRB,168
Bloomberg Europe,100KMIV,117Weather Nation,22
Bloomberg TV+,209Knesset Channel,155WeatTV,128
California Music Channel,27KOIN,152WFMY,188
Canal Andalucia, Spanish,67KOLD,150WFMZ 69 News,26
Canal Extremadura, Spanish,66Komo 4 News,71WFSB ABC 3,138
CBS New York,91KPRC2 Houston,130WFTV,135
CBS News Boston,182Kron 4 San Francisco,62WGCL,197
CBS News Cleveland,54KSDK,118WGHP,163
CBS News,2KSHB,86WGN9 TV,9
CBS Sports,11KSL5,146WGRZ,214
CBSN L.A.,102KSTU,170WILX,158
Classic Arts,97KVUE,196WJRT ABC 12,137
Colorados Own News,64KWCH,70WKBW,174
Comet TV,6KWTV,165WKOW,203
Country Network,31KXAS,148WKYC,216
Dabl,24KY 3,74WLKY,169
Detroit 4,157Law & Crime 1,80WNBC,207
Deutsche Welle – DW,96Law & Crime 2,81WNEP,143
DW Arabia,47London Live,28WNWO,210
DW Spanish,46NASA Media TV,14WOWT,184
Earth Cam TV,34NASA TV,7WPBF,124
ET – Entertainment Tonight,10NBC 5 Chicago,172WPLG 10,177
Euronews,12*NBC News Now,4WPTV,123
Evine,32NBC5 Chicago,145WRAL,192
FOX 10 Alabama,127NCIS Springfield,180WRTV,160
Fox 11 L. A.,105News 5 Cleveland,215WSiN,110
Fox 2 Detroit,72News on 6 ,212WSLS10,106
Fox 2 St. Louis,73NewsMax,18WSTM,167
FOX 26 Houston,132NewsNet,23WSVN7,107
FOX 28 Columbus,176NHK World Japan,35WTAE,129
Fox 4 Dallas,79ONE,45WTHR,122
Fox 40 Binghamton,187PBS Kids,5WTMJ4,195
Fox 40 KTXL,63PIX 11,94WTOL,211
Fox 43 Pennsylvania,56Q13 FOX KCOQ,113WTVC ,204
Fox 5 KSWB,61QVC 2,51WTVD,125
Fox 8 Cleveland,55QVC,15WTVF Nashville,116
Fox 9 KMSP,68Rai News 24 ,199WTVY,83
Fox Baltimore,142Red Bull TV,16WUTV,213
Fox News,48RetroTV,13WVIT,156
Fox4 Kansas City,84Rooster TV,104WVLT,112
Fox5 Atlanta,108RTE News,17WVTM,151
Fox5 New York,92Russia Today UK,29WWLTV,208
France 24 French,43Russia Today,103WXIA TV,139
France Info TV,65Sky News,36*WXII 12,190
France24,37Slam Music,38WYFF,171
Gem Shopping Network GSM,52TA3,121xite Music,39

Echo Show and YouTube

YouTube isn’t just for watching how-to videos. You can also, of course, watch TV shows and full-length movies. But is there a YouTube skill for the Echo Show?

While there technically isn’t an Alexa skill for YouTube, there is still seamless integration which eliminates the need for the skill altogether.

Google pulled YouTube from the Alexa platform back in 2017, but using YouTube in Amazon’s Silk browser works beautifully. Just say:

Alexa, open YouTube!

Alexa will then open the browser and take you directly to the YouTube homepage. You can then navigate through the Youtube homepage to see trending videos or you can use the search bar to look for anything YouTube has to offer.

Can You Watch YouTube Live TV Channels With Echo Show?

Our experience with this hasn’t been good. As easy as it is to watch regular YouTube videos, including live streams, we haven’t had much luck getting YouTube TV channels to load. I would imagine that this changes in the near future though.

Again, as mentioned above, you can still watch regular videos on YouTube and even livestreams. To live search livestreams, try tapping on the “Explore” (located at the bottom center), and then selecting the “Live” tile (top center of the screen – green icon).

It’s recommended that you sign in to your YouTube account or create one so that you can more easily locate your favorite channels.

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Hulu + Live TV – Echo Show

Hulu is available on all Echo Show devices except for the Echo Show 5. By default, it should be preinstalled with Hulu which is available on your Video Home Screen. Or you can just ask Alexa to open Hulu.

As with any streaming service, you’ll need to sign into your account the first time you open the skill. Once activated, you can access and watch any program that’s included in your Hulu subscription. This includes Live TV.

If you’re having trouble accessing Hulu on your Echo Show, try going to the device settings and checking for available software updates.

Prime Video on Echo Show

Since the Echo Show and Prime Video are both Amazon products, you can be sure your Show will come with Prime Video ready to go. This is true for all models including the Echo Show 5.

While setting up your Echo device, you will have already had to log in to your Amazon account. That being said, there shouldn’t be any action needed to start watching Prime immediately. Although, you of course need to be subscribed to Prime first.

If the device is signed into a household member’s account who doesn’t have a Prime membership, you have two options. One is to have the non-Prime account added to the Prime account holder’s “Household” in the Amazon settings. The other option would be to have the Prime account holder log in the the Echo device as a second user.

Using Sling on Echo Show

As of the publishing of this article, Sling TV is not available on the Echo Show, but The Verge has confirmed with Amazon that this service is coming to all existing Echo Show devices soon. Although there isn’t a slated date for release, hopefully, this feature comes sooner than later.

Sling would be a great addition for another Live TV option on Echo Show.


In short, there are several options for watching TV with your Echo Show. While you can’t connect a cable box to your Echo, you can certainly utilize multiple streaming services. These services include Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, and more.

Hopefully, you can see the value in using this device beyond just a fancy alarm clock or a karaoke machine. From demonstrating recipes in the kitchen to displaying security footage or even making video calls, there’s no shortlist to what the Echo Show is capable of.

Or, you can finish the last 5 minutes of that episode you were watching as you start dinner. How you use the Echo Show is up to you, but you should at least be aware of the multiple entertainment selections in its arsenal.

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