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Most of the TVs we come across today have the label of being “Smart” TVs. The thing is, not all smart TVs are created equal. Every model has its own features and benefits. Some of these features are hard to distinguish. Having a television that has Alexa built-in isn’t the same as having a television that is Alexa-compatible, for instance.

Some Smart TVs are integrated specifically with Amazon’s Fire TV, Roku, or Android OS platform. Others use their own proprietary operating system.

There is a wide selection of smart TVs built by third-party manufacturers who have partnered with Amazon. Many of those have Alexa built-in or are Alexa-compatible. There are also a few TVs made by Amazon themselves.

This article is going to cover the best Alexa TVs and help you sort through the differences to make a more informed purchase.

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Why Choose a Smart TV With Alexa Built-In?

Do you need Alexa in your TV? No. Is it great to have? Absolutely. Voice-controlled home automation is among one of our great modern conveniences. As of June of 2022, about 35% of households held smart speakers, and that number is continuously growing.

With an Amazon Echo in conjunction with an Alexa-compatible smart TV, you can use voice commands to turn up the volume, change channels, or even switch between inputs. You can power your TV on and off using voice commands. You can even search for your favorite music, TV show, or movie – all without touching a remote even once. This becomes a more powerful experience when Alexa is built into the television itself.

This truly hands-off experience makes these television sets stand out from the rest. The bonus bit is that you can use your Alexa-integrated TV to control other smart home accessories scattered throughout your house. This can include dimming the lights, locking the front door, and viewing your Ring Doorbell Camera on your TV screen.

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The 3 Best Smart TVs with Alexa Built In

We’ve conducted thorough research of the TV industry’s top models to create this guide for the 3 best smart TVs with Alexa built in. Each model is an excellent smart TV built for different budgets and requirements.

Whether they’re made by Amazon, use Amazon’s Fire TV platform, or use their own platform, they have one thing in common.

These are some of the best smart TVs with Amazon’s Alexa, built-in. Let’s get to it!

The Fire TV Omni QLED by Amazon

Best Fire TV Edition – Alexa TV

Introducing Amazon Fire TV 75

The Fire TV From Amazon (found here) is our pick for the best Fire TV, meaning the operating system is the same as if you were using a Fire Stick. It delivers good picture quality, a high native contrast ratio, and produces deep blacks resulting in a brighter picture.

While there are several smart TVs that use Amazon’s Fire TV platform, this is one of the few that are manufactured by Amazon. This model features “Hands-Free Alexa”, meaning you don’t need to hold a button down to give commands. It even works when the TV is turned off.

Screen Sizes Available

This Omni QLED Series is available in either 65″ or 75″ screen sizes. If you’re looking to save a little money, the 65″ version is significantly cheaper. I would consider this TV a good investment at either size, however.


4K resolution allows for a clear display and impressive detail. It supports HDR content in Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG.

Refresh Rate

Amazon’s Omi QLED comes with a standard 60 Hz refresh rate. This is good for most users, but if you’re a big gamer, you’d probably be more interested in our next option.

That being said, it features a Variable Refresh Rate and Auto Low Latency Mode, making it very responsive. Latency tests come in at about 3.2 milliseconds in Game mode. We consider anything below 10ms sufficient for most Gamers.

Introducing Amazon Fire TV 75

Connection Types

The smart TV comes with 4 HDMI input ports (including 1 HDMI 2.1 port) and one coaxial connection. It’s also equipped with a USB port, an Ethernet port, an optical audio output, a 3.5 mm headphone output, and a 3.5 mm port for use with an IR Blaster.

Of course, most people will be utilizing the Omni QLED’s WiFi connection to stream content from apps like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. You can also connect the 3.5 mm jack to a soundbar, though the system comes with pretty good built-in speakers for loud and clear audio.

LG C2 Series Class OLED

Best Cinematic Experience

LG C2 Series 77-Inch Class OLED evo Gallery Edition Smart TV OLED77C2PUA, 2022 - AI-Powered 4K, Alexa Built-in

The LG C2 Series (found here on Amazon) wins the pick for Best Cinematic Experience in an Alexa Smart TV. Quite confidently, it’s one of the best TVs in its price range – period.

Its self-lit OLED display boasts an outstanding 8 million pixels, providing a picture quality that’s truly amazing. The added advantage of over a billion colors contributes to an exceptional viewing experience.

The C2 does feature Hands-Free Alexa, just as the Amazon Fire TV does. The one thing I will say is that it isn’t as fast at processing your voice.

If you have other Echo devices in the house, you will also want to change the wake word on the LG to something different, like “Echo” or “Computer” (instead of Alexa). Otherwise, while Amazon’s smart speakers will only direct the closest speaker to respond, the LG will tend to respond even when you’re not meaning it to.

Screen Sizes Available

The LG C2 Series OLED is available in 42″, 48″, 55″, 65″, 77″, and 83” screen sizes. Whether you need a new Alex-enabled Smart TV for your bedroom, or you’re creating a state-of-the-art home theater system, there’s an appropriate model for every room.


This LG model provides a stunning 4k picture with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160. The a9 Gen 5 AI processor 4K is able to adapt and adjust in real time to the content you’re currently watching. This allows for significantly improved picture quality.

The end product delivers infinite contrast and deep black tones, resulting in vivid and lifelike images.

Refresh Rate

The C2 Series also has an impressive 120 Hz refresh rate that makes everything about the viewing experience much more immersive and smoother for your enjoyment. This is another specification that sets itself apart from the other Alexa TVs on our list.

120 Hz will significantly reduce any potential motion blur, creating a much clearer picture. It’s also a must for the serious gamer.

LG C2 Series 77-Inch Class OLED evo Gallery Edition Smart TV OLED77C2PUA, 2022 - AI-Powered 4K, Alexa Built-in

Connection Types

The LG C2 TVs have 4 HDMI ports (1 being eARC), 3 USB ports, an optical audio port, a headphone jack, and an Ethernet port. It does, of course, have a WiFi connection if you don’t want to use an Ethernet cable.

Along with Alexa, it also supports Google Assistant, Apple AirPlay, and HomeKit.

Insignia Class F30 Series Smart TV – Fire TV Edition

Best Budget Option

INSIGNIA 50-inch Class F30 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV (NS-50F301NA22, 2021 Model)

Nobody said that you couldn’t find an Alexa TV on a budget. This Insignia 4K UHD smart TV is an excellent option if you’re not looking to spend a lot of money. The F30 Series is just one of Insignia’s Fire TV editions.

Here, you will receive basic smart TV features with the added bonus of Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.

Screen Sizes Available

This Insignia smart TV is available in 43″, 50″, and 58″ screen sizes, which are all mid-range sensible options.

The 43″ might be ideal for your bedroom, while the 58″ may be your choice for the family room. Maybe, at this price, the youngster might make out with one as well…


With a 4k resolution (3840 x 2160), you’re still going to have a good picture with this budget display. The F30 supports HDR10, but it doesn’t support HDR10 or Dolby Vision.

The picture quality will need a little adjustment out of the box to live up to its potential, but after that, it’s pretty crisp. The only other thing I’ll say is that anything past a 45-degree viewing angle, reduces the color accuracy quite a bit.

Refresh Rate

The Insignia F30 Series features a 60Hz refresh rate, which is what I’d expect from a standard smart TV in this price range. It is great for most users, but blurring can pose a problem during fast action scenes or potentially sporting events.

For optimal settings, to reduce blurring, you’ll find it better to turn off the motion processing and dynamic noise reduction settings. This seems to be the optimal solution.

INSIGNIA 50-inch Class F30 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV (NS-50F301NA22, 2021 Model)

Connection Types

This TV has all the connection options you’d expect from a modern smart TV. It comes with three HDMI inputs, one USB input, an Ethernet port, headphone jack, RCA input and an optical audio output. Just as with the other models, you can connect to the internet using a WiFi connection or an Ethernet cable. There is also a coiaxle input if you’d so choose to use it.

You can connect the TV to a soundbar for greater sound, although its built-in speakers offer better audio quality than would be expected. This Insignia TV with built-in Alexa offers a lot of big features in a smaller package (and price point).


Smart TVs are getting better and better. The amazing thing about Alexa-integrated TVs is that you can get the convenience of Amazon’s voice assistant, plus an entire entertainment package built into one unit. In my opinion, these are the best TVs that feature Alexa. Ultimately, of course, the final decision will be yours.

Hopefully, you’ve found this helpful! Happy watching!

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