Accessibility at Smarter Home Guide

Welcome to Smarter Home Guide, where we believe in making smart home technology accessible to everyone. If you encounter any difficulties in navigating our site or accessing any content, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Our Pledge

At Smarter Home Guide, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive digital space that accommodates all users. Our efforts are ongoing to not only meet but exceed the AA standards of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Currently, our website is largely compliant with these standards, and we are actively engaged in initiatives to address any outstanding areas. We will keep you informed of our progress on this page.

Navigating Our Site

We have designed our website with the following features to enhance accessibility:

  • Semantic regions to distinguish between the main navigation, content, and footer, allowing for swift movement throughout the site.
  • Logical ordering of headings, starting with h1 tags at the beginning of articles.
  • The ability to zoom text up to 300% without loss of functionality or clarity.
  • Improved color contrasts and navigational elements for better readability.
  • Video players with caption support and compatibility with screen readers.
  • Accessible labels on advertisements, ensuring they remain visible even with ad blockers enabled.
  • Enhanced usability of newsletter sign-up forms and social sharing options.

Testing and Improvements

Our testing process includes the use of modern browsers and screen readers like VoiceOver for Chrome and Safari. We are also developing automated tests to help identify and rectify accessibility issues more efficiently.

Future Enhancements

We are committed to continuous improvement. Here are some areas we are focusing on:

  • Streamlining site navigation and contact forms.
  • Ensuring keyboard navigability is intuitive.
  • Making embeds and third-party content fully accessible.
  • Enhancing text spacing for better readability.

We are also working closely with our content creators to ensure all new content is accessible, which includes providing:

  • Alt text for images.
  • Video captions.
  • Descriptive text for advertisements.
  • Options to minimize motion in interactive stories.

Get in Touch

Your feedback is invaluable to us. If you have suggestions or questions regarding accessibility, please contact us at [email protected]. Include details about the site, the content in question, and the assistive technology you use.