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How To Connect Blink To Alexa

How to Connect Blink to Alexa | Everything You Need To Know

If you’re using Alexa as your smart home assistant, Blink security Cameras are an excellent safeguard to add to any smart home. And, with Amazon now owning Blink, they integrate seamlessly into the Alexa ecosystem. In this article, we’re going to explain how to connect Blink to Alexa and help you navigate any additional features…

Using Apple TV on Android
Beginner Info General Info

The Complete Guide to Accessing Apple TV+ on Android Devices

In an ever-evolving landscape of video streaming services, Apple TV+ has become well-known for its exclusive, high-quality content.  With that in mind, as an Android user, you may wonder if you can access Apple TV on your Android device? Fortunately, Android users can enjoy Apple TV+, but not in the same seamless way as an…

Blink Outdoor Camera Review
DIY Smart Home Gadgets

Blink Outdoor Cameras: Hands-On Analysis & Review [2023]

View Outdoor Blink Camera Options WiFi cameras have become a popular way to add an additional layer of security to your home’s exterior. One of the best options currently is Blink Cams. But are they any good? Well, in an effort to put this question to rest, we’ve spent months of testing to bring you…

Echo Show 15 displaying Spotify Connect with Alexa
Smart Home Gadgets

Alexa and Spotify Connect: Smart Streaming With Echo Devices

You probably know by now that Echo smart speakers are powered by Alexa, Amazon’s reigning digital voice assistant. Take that and add Spotify, the dominant service for digital audio streaming, and the result is nothing short of luxurious. Whether your goal is to play your favorite Spotify playlist through a single Echo smart speaker or…

Can You Use A TV As A Computer Monitor?
Smart Home Gadgets Beginner Info

Can You Use A TV As A Computer Monitor? | Here’s What You Should Know

As a child, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why computer monitors weren’t used interchangeably with TVs. After all, they do basically the same thing, right? To me, I thought the television and the computer should be all part of the same system. Now, this was back when households usually only had…

2 Guys Setting Up 2 Wifi Networks In One House
Smart Home Gadgets

Setting Up 2 WiFi Networks In One House | Router Configurations

Setting up 2 WiFi networks in one house can be beneficial in several scenarios. You may want to extend your WiFi range or limit access to certain parts of your network, for instance. Are these WiFi configurations possible, and will they cause any problems with your home network or internet connection? It is not only…

How To Connect Google Chromecast To WiFi
DIY General Info

How To Connect Your Chromecast To WiFi – Complete Guide

The WiFi network in your home is a critical component for the correct functioning of your Chromecast With Google TV device. Without this connection, your Chromecast will not be able to connect to the internet or to any other casting device on your home network. I will guide you through the steps to connect your…

How To Fix Could Not Communicate With Chromecast
Smart Home Gadgets

Could Not Communicate With Your Chromecast | Troublshooting Guide

The Google Chromecast device works seamlessly and effectively in most cases, but occasionally you may experience some issues connecting your mobile devices to your Chromecast. These issues can be frustrating since there is not much in the way of troubleshooting in the manual. Sometimes you may get an error message on your phone that says…